JML Industrie

Specialist in building and commissioning of industrial equipment


Our Group employs today more than 80 peoples. Our know ledge and competence for foundry sand preparation unit (green and core sand) and vibrating machines are recognized in a large part of the world.

Many customers ask us to work with them on complete projects as foundries facilities they are aluminum or ferrous activities.

Our many customers take advantage of our experience to explore the best solutions in terms of investment.

Tomorrow, it could be you.

Sales in 2015


units sand preparation included 3 for cores sand


units of reclaimed sand


units whose :
  • 3 shake out VAU
  • 3 charging cars VFC


units of dedusting filters


casting cooler

After-sale service

At your service - A team of technicians is to service users of our equipment to meet your needs in terms of quality and responsiveness. Key aspects to maintain a good relationship with our customers.


Inspections necessary for the evaluation of maintenance, whether curative or preventive.


JML can occur in an extremely short time in case of sudden stops production lines.


Our entire team is lapped to the execution of transactions in respect of a total quality.